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We provide support on a wide range of private client matters

Preparing a will with the assistance of VM Law Legal Services can be straightforward. Our experts are here to ensure you get the advice and guidance you need from beginning to end. We can talk through your intentions, provide suggestions, and ensure you put in place a will that suits your situation.

Our solicitors can assist with the crafting of a Will to ensure that your wishes are detailed and adhered to.

Our will writing service is tailored to your needs. We have significant experience acting as executors for many clients and have administered thousands of estates.

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone you trust to take decisions on your behalf if your mental capacity is impaired in the future. This ensures that your wishes are respected and your interests are taken care of.



Making a will is the best way of ensuring your estate ends up with people you choose and eliminates all the possible confusion and problems that may arise from intestacy or “home-made” wills.



Probate is the judicial process in which a will is validated by a court and recognized as the last testament of an individual. If there is no will, estate administration follows the intestacy laws of the deceased's state of residence.

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