Vale Mediation can provide free family mediation to clients eligible for legal aid. We are working in conjunction with Compass Resolution a mediation service based in Devon who have won an outreach contract for us to provide legal aid in the South and West Wales area. Under the government initiative if just one of you is eligible for legal aid, we can now offer both of you the first full mediation session free.

For a quick self assessment you may be eligible if:

  • You are on certain benefits such as income based job seekers allowance, Income support, Income based employment and support allowance, Guaranteed credit or universal credit.
  • For everyone else if you have a disposable income of less than £733 per month after tax Certain living expenses (i.e. rent and childcare) you may be eligible.
  • If you have capital or savings worth over £8000 you won’t be eligible. However, if you own a property and the mediation issue concerns that property then you may still be eligible.


If you think you are eligible, we will require the following:

  • NI number
  • Proof of benefits
  • Pay slips for a month up to our meeting
  • Bank statements for the month until our meeting
  • Evidence of any other income
  • Proof of child care payments
  • Proof of rent
  • Proof of mortgage
  • Value of any property you may own


We are able to conduct Mediation online

Compass resolution Ltd is based in Exeter, Devon and they have been granted a legal aid franchise to offer legally aided mediation throughout a network of outreach offices, including our office in Llantwit, Major Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. Compass has the necessary administration infrastructure to offer an efficient way to meet Legal Aid requirements.  

This means we will be able to assist in cases where one or both are eligible for legal aid under the current rules. If one person is eligible then we an provide legal aid for both to cover one session. The legally aided party will pay nothing.

In all cases we will be acting as mediators for compass Resolution Ltd . If Compass should refer private client’s to us then our fees to cover administration costs would be £120 per person per hour. This is slightly more than Vale Mediation clients who would be charged £100 per person per hour. If both parties are eligible for legal aid then there will be no charge and the service will be provided through Compass Resolution Ltd.

If one person is eligible then should mediation continue after the first joint session then the ineligible person will pay £120  per hour for further mediation .

Clients from the outset will be assessed and can choose whether they are being assisted under Vale mediation or Compass Resolution it will not be possible to move from one service to another  All options will be discussed at the initial Mediation information and assessment meeting ( MIAM ) . If mediation does not proceed after the Miam then the privately paying client will pat £100 in order for us to provide the required form in order that the person may proceed to commence court proceedings .

We remain committed to the provision of high quality accessible affordable family mediation whether through Vale Mediation or Compass Resolution Ltd. We are delighted to be associated with Compass resolution Ltd as it means that we can offer a service to the significant proportion of separating and divorcing couples eligible for legal aid.

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